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How to apply ChatGPT for web data extraction in 2023

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The Web data market in 2023 is innovated with AI-powered data acquiring solutions. This applies to Dexodata geo targeted proxies also. We have already covered the topic of their future development, as well as the impact of AI-driven web scraping on the whole industry and geo targeted proxies in particular.

AI, ML, and cheap datacenter proxies

One form of artificial intelligence, called Natural Language Processing (NLP), specializes in interaction between robots and humans. The algorithm understands written text and holds a conversation, no matter what is discussed, e.g. how to buy HTTPS proxy list.

ChatGPT by OpenAI may be regarded as the most discussed NLP model. A week ago it was reported to pass one of the final exams at the University of Pennsylvania with a B- grade. But mostly surprising was the fact that this advanced chatbot is able to serve as a data gathering tool. AI-based algorithms turn human speech into lines of code for web scraping solutions. Today we will talk more about this feature.

What kinds of chatbots are there?

Chatbots are automated digital assistants, which communicate with users in their manner. Chatbots are not necessarily AI-enhanced applications. They vary in complexity and are guided by different logics:

  1. “If/then”, providing an answer if it complies with prescribed linguistic rules.
  2. “Decision tree”, the simplest algorithm reacting on buttons pressed in the menu. Client support uses it on the initial stages of conversation if one buys residential IP as a proxy for ChatGPT and needs additional info.
  3. “Recognition”, advanced keyword-based method.
  4. Machine Learning (ML), AI-powered model taught to respond in mind the request’s context. The accurate and most advanced technology with self-improving skills.

Characteristics of ML-driven chatbots

Customary algorithms choose the answer from the strictly determined list. Unlike them, AI-based models are taught to understand and interpret requests in a textual form to provide personalized response. AI categorizes and tags information on the basis of primary teaching to deepen its knowledge and contextual awareness of open-ended questions.

Artificial Intelligence is intended to seem similar to our logic. The ML types vary according to the roles in “teacher-student” relations during the initial learning period.

The most popular ML-type, supervised learning, has mostly a binary architecture with input materials labeled as “right” and “wrong”. E.g. the place to buy HTTPS proxy lists is Dexodata, not Walmart or Amazon.

Reinforcement learning exists on feedback given to the machine by its result. The decision-making process is out of constant external control, and there are no labeled prescribed categories of learning materials. It makes AI-based solutions draw data-driven insights on their own and therefore be adopted to a wide range of applications.

What role does processing natural language play?

ChatGPT is the next generation of the GPT-3 module, which also gave birth to Github Copilot and other AI-powered solutions. It was taught utilizing both supervised and reinforcement learning.

The second method is customized and bears the name RLHF, Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback. It works with text amounts to hold conversations as real people. Natural language processing (NLP) is involved in learning about geo targeted proxies and billions of other topics.

NLP uses a cross-disciplinary approach between linguistics and computer science. NLP-powered AI is able to:

  • Understand written speech
  • Recognize and process human voice
  • Interpret tasks in multiple languages people speak
  • Determine important pieces of information
  • Provide appropriate authentic answers.

NLP-based artificial intelligence learns from every interaction to give a more accurate response eventually without direct guidance from an operator. It will describe in common the advantages of proxy for ChatGPT in 2023, offer pie recipes or tell the history of European democracy, you name it.

ChatGPT characteristics

Originally designed by OpenAI and was launched in November 2022. Among its specifics are the following:

  1. It operates 175 billion parameters, and therefore this AI-driven model is regarded as the “state-of-the-art” chatbot.
  2. The Large Language Model (LLM) contains 300 billion words in its initial vocabulary. That is why AI generates texts of different styles in various spheres of knowledge, including tips on buying residential IP addresses and ready-to-go coding suggestions for gathering web data at scale.
  3. Its AI is constantly evolving due to remembering previous requests, user’s reactions, etc. and shows results according to the context of conversation. The dialogue touching the theme of places to buy HTTPS proxy lists will become more accurate with every clarifying question.
  4. ChatGPT is adjustable. One can add refinements to the request or ask to rephrase the generated text.

How can ChatGPT be used?

Standard chatting algorithms without ML augmentation work in:

  • Customer support. One gets a free trial of geo targeted proxies from Dexodata via Facebook, Telegram, etc. chatbots.
  • Marketing assistance (optimized marketing campaigns based on AI-enhanced analysis of local markets, personalized ads shown to users according to ML-driven pattern recognition, etc.)
  • Booking tickets
  • Providing personal offerings
  • Collecting feedback.

ChatGPT owns a wider range of possibilities as an advanced AI-powered tool. It can serve as:

  1. Author of articles on any theme in numerous styles of writing.
  2. Translator of foreign dialects.
  3. AI-driven search engine integrated into Siri or Google assistant via API-key.
  4. Text summarizer, which gives the essence from the URL given.
  5. Unstructured data organizer, transforming the text to charts.
  6. Advisor on marketing/web development/fitness plan/etc.
  7. Software engineer, coding by order.

The last item on the list is of interest because it allows simplify info extraction.

How to use chatGPT to scrape web data?

Simple requests such as “can ChatGPT scrape websites” or “extract data from the URL” are ineffective. Just as the default version of chatbot is. Make a choice towards a beta version of an OpenAI-based chatbot solution called Playground. Its advantages include:

  • Choice of AI version from the list (davinci-003, curie-001, etc)
  • Randomness of vocabulary and grammar structures
  • Maximum limit of characters in the answer
  • Stop sequences
  • Texts’ diversity
  • Higher code generation speed.

“Text-davinci-003” has now the most relevant design as it offers completed texts with an endpoint.

First you need to check the target URL to determine the HTML elements you need to extract. Then you specify the settings. Provide the following information to AI-enhanced model to succeed:

  1. URL
  2. Language (Python, Ruby, Node.js, etc.)
  3. Tool (e.g. Selenium)
  4. Tag name
  5. Class
  6. Attribute name
  7. Attribute value
  8. Extra rules (length of pauses between requests, XPath details, output format, scrolling characteristics).

The more accurate description you articulate, the more reliable data you will acquire. After receiving the answer, insert the code delivered into your online information obtaining tool to proceed.

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These are the main parameters ChatGPT needs for writing code for automated web data extraction

The more accurate description you articulate, the more relevant data you will acquire. After receiving the answer, insert the code delivered into your online information obtaining tool to proceed.

Why utilize ChatGPT with Dexodata trusted proxy website?

ChatGPT in 2023 is able to simplify the task of extracting unstructured data, but it is not the ideal AI-based scraping tool. Hence, consider checking the result. Otherwise the mentioned NLP model is convenient for gathering information without coding skills from Twitter, Amazon and other sources.

Dexodata serves geo targeted proxies with API, so ChatGPT scraping is a common practice. It can be utilized to generate code with rules for changing external IP addresses or buying additional HTTPS proxy lists.

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