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Discussion on: #CNC2021 "Start Coding" Mission 1 Submission Thread

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I want to transition into a better paying field with many opportunities for growth as well as the option to work from home. I would also like to build my own projects for fun.

In six months I would like to be able to proficiently code in HTML/CSS/JS as well as be comfortable with React. I would like to be taking on freelance projects or contributing to volunteer projects.

In twelve months I would like to be transitioning to another career, possibly as an entry-level web developer or increasing my capacity as a freelancer.

Success looks like having a deep understanding of basic web dev concepts and skills, it’s having passed most of, if not all of FCC certifications, it’s being able to know what I’ve learned and how I can learn more.

I will measure that success by knowing what direction I’m moving towards, completing courses and finishing projects.

I would like to have finished 2-3 of my websites by October. I would like to start volunteering by July and contributing to code, and I would like to be able to confidently apply for jobs by January of 2022.

Roles? I'm most interested in Full-Stack Development for employment, Game Development for fun, and Hardware? Software Engineering sounds cool.