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Top 10 Customer Service Salesforce Apps and Solutions 2024

Introduction to the Customer Service Salesforce Solutions

Salesforce, a leader in customer relationship management (CRM), continues to transform customer service with its extensive range of applications. As we move into 2024, Salesforce’s suite of customer service apps has expanded significantly. These tools are designed to boost customer engagement, streamline support processes, and improve data management. The integration of advanced technologies like AI and automation drives this evolution, aligning with the industry’s shift towards more efficient and personalized customer service experiences​​​.

These applications, also, as Analytics Salesforce Apps available on the Salesforce AppExchange, are designed to cater to the diverse needs of the retail industry. They integrate seamlessly with Salesforce, providing retailers with the agility to adapt to changing market dynamics and consumer behaviors. From advanced analytics to customer service enhancements, these apps empower retailers to deliver a personalized shopping experience, increase operational efficiency, and drive sales growth.


Did you know that based on the Salesforce report, the sixth edition of State of Service, faster, more personalized Service becomes the norm? Indeed, expectations for swift, custom-tailored service are climbing. Now, 82% of agents and 76% of mobile workers report that customer demands are increasing. Fortunately, service organizations are rising to the challenge. A notable 69% of agents acknowledge the difficulty in balancing speed with quality service—a figure that has decreased from 76% in 2022, indicating improvement in meeting these higher expectations.

In this article, we delve into the top 10 Customer Service Salesforce apps of 2024. Whether you are looking to enhance customer interactions, streamline data security, or drive marketing efforts, this guide will help you navigate the expansive world of Salesforce retail solutions.

Customer Service Apps

Our List of Customer Service Salesforce Apps 2024

Customer Service applications on Salesforce’s AppExchange are designed to enhance the capabilities of Salesforce in managing customer interactions and improving the quality of service provided. These tools integrate with Salesforce to streamline processes such as call center management, electronic signature collection, and real-time customer support, ensuring a seamless experience for both agents and customers.

These applications often include functionalities like CTI (Computer Telephony Integration), IVR (Interactive Voice Response), analytics, electronic signatures, and remote assistance technologies such as co-browsing and video calls. The goal is to provide more effective communication channels, increase efficiency in response times, and deliver personalized customer service that can lead to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Now, let’s continue with additional Customer Service applications:

#1 Talkdesk for Salesforce

Talkdesk for Salesforce App

Functionality: Talkdesk for Salesforce delivers comprehensive contact center capabilities, offering personalized interactions across multiple channels and the most thorough integration with Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Service Cloud Voice for Talkdesk (BYOT).

Extensive automation options: Equipped with both predefined and customizable automation, Talkdesk for Salesforce works seamlessly with Salesforce Lightning Flow, enabling you to activate automation in response to various call center events.

Effective Multichannel support: Talkdesk allows you to handle phone and SMS support within Salesforce. This solution simplifies the management of tasks across various channels through its broad integration with Salesforce Omni-Channel.

Detailed real-time and historical analytics: Gain immediate insights with real-time dashboards, historical data, and comprehensive analyses of call center metrics, all accessible within Salesforce.

Key Features: Cloud Contact Center, CTI, IVR, ACD, Analytics

Price: $10 USD/user/month

Rating: 4.66 (699 reviews) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Link: Talkdesk for Salesforce

#2 Vonage for Service Cloud Voice and Contact Center

Vonage for Salesforce App

Functionality: Enhance agent and customer experiences with seamless integration of Salesforce and your contact center. This robust solution brings together voice, AI technologies (like conversational interfaces, virtual assistants, voicebots, and chatbots), digital channels, and CRM data within Service Cloud.

Built for Salesforce: VCC is closely integrated with Salesforce, earning a 5-star rating and receiving more positive reviews than any other CTI vendor. It was designed from the ground up for a direct, cloud-to-cloud telephony connection with Salesforce.

Seamless Integration with Salesforce Omni-Channel: Enables the use of voice communications along with Salesforce’s digital channels, intelligently directing calls, emails, chats, social media inquiries, and SOS requests to the appropriate agents. This is achieved using advanced business logic to deliver a uniform customer experience.

Speech Analytics: VCC’s Conversation Analyzer uses integrated speech analytics to provide valuable insights. Combined with real-time transcription, call control, and routing—all natively embedded in Salesforce—it creates an effective solution.

Key Features: Service Cloud Voice, CTI, Speech Analytics

Price: $50 USD/user/month

Rating: 4.92 (976 reviews) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Link: Vonage for Service Cloud

#3 Quantum Metric for the Digital-first Call Center

Quantum Metrics for Salesforce App

Functionality: Enhance your call center’s effectiveness by fostering greater empathy and understanding among agents, leading to reduced case resolution times. Quantum Metric offers instant insights into customer interactions on your web or mobile platforms.

Accelerate Case Resolution: Pinpoint and address the underlying causes of issues in the call center. Session replay provides a clear view of what your customers experienced before contacting support.

Elevate Customer Support: Deliver a tailored support experience by utilizing real-time data on customer challenges encountered on web and mobile platforms. Eliminate the need for guesses or error replication. Observe and resolve issues as they occur with customers.

Leverage Call Center Data for Strategic Impact: Identify and highlight key business factors impacting technology, UX/UI, and marketing. Share insights on anomalies and critical IT issues identified during calls to enhance overall contact center effectiveness.

Key Features: Analytics, Real-time Customer Insights

Price: $25,000 USD/org/year

Rating: 5 (1 review) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Link: Quantum Metric

#4 EZSign – Simple Electronic Signatures for Salesforce

EZSign for Salesforce App

Functionality: Capture electronic signatures with ease directly within Salesforce, whether you’re using the Salesforce Mobile App, Salesforce Classic, or Lightning, or even remotely via email.

This functionality mirrors the convenience of Square, making it a breeze to secure signatures whether you’re on the go with the Salesforce Mobile App, working from a tablet, or through email communications.

This solution is highly adaptable, working flawlessly across all major browsers and mobile devices, including iPads, iPhones, and Android phones or tablets.

Integration is straightforward, requiring just a single line of code, and the system is highly customizable, allowing you to tailor it to meet your unique business requirements. This makes it a versatile tool that enhances your workflow and simplifies the process of gathering necessary approvals without hassle.

Key Features: Electronic Signatures, Salesforce Mobile Integration

Price: $10 USD/user/month

Rating: 5 (14 reviews) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Link: EZSign

#5 Voice Essentials for Service Cloud Voice

Voice Essentials for Salesforce App

Functionality: Voice Essentials enhances your SCV setup by maximizing efficiency and outcomes. It equips agents to manage calls smoothly, boosts efficiency, and broadens your operational scope, all while providing comprehensive insights into your call center performance.

Sentiment Advisor: Offers real-time sentiment analysis to visualize and track sentiment during conversations, enhancing reporting and workforce management.

Ambient Knowledge: Automatically displays relevant Knowledge Articles during conversations to boost agent efficiency and accuracy.

Network Quality Gauge: Monitors network conditions with customizable thresholds and checks latency specific to your Amazon Connect instance, alerting supervisors to any issues.

Visual Voicemail: Allows agents to manage voicemails directly in Salesforce, play them within the console, and easily create related records such as cases or tasks based on the voicemail content.

After Call Work: Helps manage and minimize time spent after calls with customizable thresholds and automated notifications, including auto-closing tabs to quickly free up agent availability.

Agent Wallboard: Provides agents with real-time updates on-call status and duration, helping them manage their time efficiently without needing to navigate away from their current screen.

Contact Center Wallboard: Displays immediate call details with support for both real-time and historical metrics, offering configurable views and refresh rates to meet specific service level agreements.

Voicemail Drop for High-Velocity Sales: Enables the creation and delivery of pre-recorded messages to voicemails, allowing agents to move quickly to the next prospect and meet outbound dialing targets more efficiently.

Mass Provision Users: Streamlines the process of getting users operational by mass assigning Service Cloud Voice licenses, AWS routing profiles, and security profiles, ensuring a swift setup.

Key Features: Enhanced Voice Insights, Efficiency Tools

Price: $25,000 USD/Org/year

Rating: 4.63 (8 reviews) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Link: Voice Essentials

#6 ScreenMeet — Embedded Remote support, screen share, co-browse, and video call

ScreenMeet for Salesforce App

Functionality: Salesforce’s collaboration choice, ScreenMeet, enhances customer experiences, boosting CSAT, FCR, and AOV. Embedded directly within the Salesforce platform, and backed by Salesforce as both an investor and a customer, ScreenMeet is integral to digital transformation for Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud users. It allows contact center agents to connect with customers across any device or OS, whether on the web or via apps.

Easy and Sophisticated: ScreenMeet is simple to use, requiring no downloads and embedding seamlessly into your Salesforce instance. Agents can launch it with a single click, connect in seconds, and enjoy a sleek user experience. It supports multiple channels and automatically logs session data.

Secure and Reliable: Built on the robust Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform, ScreenMeet ensures secure data transmission with TLS, DTLS 1.2+, and AES-256-bit encryption. It’s SOC2 Type 2 certified and enhances security through Salesforce authentication, with data storage localized by geographic preference.

Cost-Effective: ScreenMeet offers a high return on investment, characterized by tripled usage rates, no capital expenditures, maintenance fees, forced upgrades, or charges for unused licenses. It supports unlimited concurrent users with minimal training requirements. A dedicated Customer Success Team supports users.

Integration and Management: ScreenMeet is a managed Salesforce package, easily added to any object record page. Salesforce authentication simplifies user management and access provisioning, streamlining operations.

Key Features: Cobrowse, Screen Sharing, Video Calls

Price: $59 USD/user/month

Rating: 5 (5 reviews) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Link: ScreenMeet

#7 Einstein Bot UI Enhancer – Engaging & Interactive Chatbot Experience

Einstein Bot UI Enhancer for Salesforce App

Functionality: Improves the user interface and interaction experience with Salesforce Bots, making them more engaging and effective in customer interactions. Boost your customer interactions across sales, service, commerce, or internal communications with Salesforce Bots! Keep users captivated and offer the simplicity they anticipate with your chatbot.

Einstein Bot UI Enhancer Benefits:

  • The only product that enhances your chatbot with rich visual interactions, boosting user engagement and satisfaction.
  • Fully integrated with the Salesforce platform and compatible with Embedded Services.

Elevate Your Chatbot Experience With:

  • Rich Text, Images, and Videos to make conversations lively.
  • Interactive elements like Sliders, Form Cards, Mini Cards, and Carousels.
  • Functional features include Picklists, JavaScript Events, and iFrames.
  • Advanced options to block user input, and support for File Uploads/Preview.
  • Dynamic Forms, Modals, and an Invisible Chat UI for a streamlined experience.

Key Features: Enhanced Bot UI, Interactive Experience

Price: $25,000 USD/Org/year

Rating: 5 (2 reviews) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Link: Einstein Bot UI Enhancer

#8 Zenkraft, A Bringg Solution: Multi-Carrier Shipping, Same Day Delivery & Returns

Zenkraft for Salesforce App

Functionality: Streamlines shipping processes by offering tools for shipment booking, label creation, tracking, and managing returns, all within Salesforce. Zenkraft is a user-friendly shipping, returns, and tracking application developed on Salesforce. It features:

  • Over 200 prebuilt carrier integrations.
  • Estimated delivery dates and cost calculations.
  • Tools for manifesting and label creation.
  • Comprehensive tracking capabilities.
  • Simplified returns and pickups management.

The app automates the status updates of shipments and links them to any Salesforce object. It efficiently handles “Where is my order?” (WISMO) inquiries through either user input or an Einstein Chatbot. Zenkraft enhances customer communication by sending branded messages at various stages of delivery, integrating logistics seamlessly into the post-purchase experience.

For returns, the app automates the booking and label generation process for over 250 carriers, including major ones like FedEx, UPS, DHL, and USPS. It facilitates easy returns by sending customers a QR code through automated workflow actions, allowing for self-service and timely follow-ups based on return status.

Zenkraft also supports various shipping methods, including parcel, same-day, and private fleets, through its user interface or Salesforce Flows. Users can pack and ship items from multiple locations such as warehouses or stores. It is compatible with thermal printers and scales, offering a ready-to-use solution for physical shipping needs.

Additionally, Zenkraft provides real-time estimates of delivery dates and shipping costs, which can be integrated into a Commerce application or through the Sales Cloud, enhancing the overall sales and service experience.

Key Features: 200+ carrier integrations, real-time tracking, estimated delivery costs

Price: $240 USD/user/year

Rating: 4.98 (96 reviews) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Link: Zenkraft

#9 Astonous | Multi-Carrier Shipping App – FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL, and more

Astonous for Salesforce App

Functionality: Provides a comprehensive shipping solution within Salesforce, facilitating label creation, shipment tracking, rate comparison, and returns management. Streamline your shipping operations with a fully integrated Salesforce Shipping App.

This comprehensive platform enables you to create shipping labels, track parcels, compare carrier rates, schedule pickups, and handle returns—all from one convenient location. Enhance both efficiency and customer satisfaction with these features:

Shipping Label Creation and Rate Comparison:

  • Easily generate shipping labels for carriers like FedEx, UPS, and USPS directly from any Salesforce object such as Accounts, Opportunities, or Orders.
  • Quickly calculate shipping rates across different carriers.
  • Auto-populate shipment details to expedite the process.

Shipment Tracking and Pickups Automation:

  • Incorporate a drag-and-drop tracking component for instant access to real-time tracking information.
  • Automate the tracking of shipments to keep tabs on delivery progress.
  • Provide real-time shipment updates directly to Salesforce community users, including customers and partners.
  • Conveniently schedule pickups right from the app.

Key Features: Support for major carriers, schedule pickups, manage returns

Price: $200 USD/company/month

Rating: 5 (43 reviews) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Link: Astonous

#10 JustOn Billing & E-Invoice Management

JustOn for Salesforce App

Functionality: JustOn Billing & Invoice Management simplifies your billing processes and enhances invoice management, allowing you to effectively monetize any business model—whether it involves one-time sales, contracts, or subscriptions that incorporate usage data. This platform supports a diverse range of pricing strategies.

Automated Invoice Generation: JustOn automates the creation of invoices, whether they’re for recurring charges, based on consumption, or one-time transactions. This ensures your invoices are delivered quickly and accurately, helping you capitalize on every pricing model effectively.

Consumption-Based Billing: JustOn is ideal for businesses that operate on a consumption-based model, tracking metrics such as time sheets, usage counts, clicks, or commissions on revenue. It integrates seamlessly with project management tools, making it easy to apply this billing strategy.

Global Invoice Management: JustOn supports comprehensive international billing needs. It handles multiple tenants, currencies, and tax systems, including VAT and sales tax. The system also includes dunning management with interest calculations and integrates with online payment systems like Stripe and bank accounts for streamlined financial operations.

Key Features: Billing, E-Invoicing, AR Management

Price: €69 EUR/company/month

Rating: 4.95 (66 reviews) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Link: JustOn

These applications, also as Salesforce Value Analytics, serve to significantly enhance the capabilities of organizations to handle various aspects of customer service directly within their Salesforce environment, offering both efficiency and scalability.

Wrapping-up: Finding the Top Customer Support Salesforce Apps for Your Business

As we progress through 2024, the landscape of customer service Salesforce apps is dramatically enhancing how businesses connect with their clientele. These applications, prominently featured on the customer service AppExchange, are important in tailoring interactions to meet individual customer needs, thereby elevating both satisfaction and loyalty.

Focusing on security, the customer support Salesforce solutions underscore a commitment to data integrity, winning customer trust by safeguarding personal information. This security is a cornerstone of the Salesforce apps for customer service, reflecting the importance of transparency and ethical data management.

The efficiency brought by these customer service Salesforce solutions allows companies to respond faster and more effectively, thanks to AI-driven automation and intuitive interfaces. This shift not only boosts the productivity of customer support teams but also enhances their ability to handle complex queries, marking a significant improvement in the quality of customer interactions.

In essence, the suite of customer support Salesforce apps and Salesforce solutions for customer service are not merely tools but vital components that are reshaping the future of customer relations but don’t forget about Salesforce standard tools. You can easily create a customer service dashboard with Salesforce Standard features. They exemplify a model where technology, ethics, and customer-centric strategies converge to set new benchmarks in service excellence, ensuring that every customer interaction is both impactful and meaningful.

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