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The Bert Show

The Bert Show is a popular morning radio show based in Atlanta that offers a unique blend of entertainment, lifestyle advice, celebrity interviews, humor, and community engagement. With a dynamic cast of personalities and devoted listeners, The Bert Show has grown into one of the most acclaimed radio programs in Atlanta and beyond.

Key Takeaways

  • The Bert Show features a blend of lifestyle advice, entertainment news, celebrity interviews, humor, and community engagement.

  • The show's success comes from the openness of the cast members to share intimate details about their lives.

  • An estimated 900,000 people tune in each week to hear the cast share their life stories, struggles, triumphs and emotions.

  • In addition to Atlanta, The Bert Show now reaches markets in Nashville and Indianapolis.

  • The Bert Show gives back through charitable events and programs like Bert's Big Adventure.


The Bert Show offers a unique mix of content that appeals to listeners aged 12 and up. The show's lack of formula and the willingness of the cast members to share vulnerable details about their lives is what keeps listeners coming back day after day.

About The Bert Show


The Bert Show was founded in Atlanta and has grown considerably since its inception. Thanks to the dynamic personalities of the cast members and a devoted listener base, the show has skyrocketed to become one of the most highly acclaimed radio programs in Atlanta.

What Makes It Unique

  • Openness of the cast - The cast members bare their souls, sharing intimate details about their love lives, families, struggles and triumphs. This honest banter is the driving force behind the show's popularity.

  • Lifestyle advice - The show provides lifestyle tips and advice on navigating relationships, careers, parenting and more.

  • Celebrity interviews - Big name celebrity guests reveal details about their lives.

  • Community - The show engages with and gives back to the local community.

By the Numbers

  • 900,000+ weekly listeners in Atlanta and beyond
  • Expanded to reach Nashville and Indianapolis markets
  • Target audience is listeners aged 12+

Inside The Bert Show

The Cast

The Bert Show cast features 4 main personalities:

  • Bert Weiss - Host and Executive Producer
  • Kristin Klingshirn - News Director
  • Cassie Young - Co-Host
  • Jeff Dauler - Producer, personality

Bert Weiss is the creator and host of The Bert Show. He's been named one of Radio Ink magazine's Most Influential Personalities.

Kristin Klingshirn serves as News Director and co-host. She's been part of The Bert Show family for over 15 years.

Cassie Young joined as co-host in 2020, bringing a fresh perspective to the show.

Jeff Dauler wears many hats as producer, co-host, and writer. Known for his humor and hijinks.

Show Format

A typical episode of The Bert Show will include:

  • Banter between the hosts - Raw, honest conversations between the cast about their lives
  • Entertainment news - Reporting on celebrities and pop culture
  • Lifestyle segments - Advice, tips on relationships, parenting, health
  • Celebrity interviews - Big-name guests reveal intimate details
  • Radio games/bits - Humorous games and segments
  • Community involvement - Discussing local happenings and charitable events

Why Fans Love The Bert Show

There are several key reasons The Bert Show continues to be a hit with listeners:

  • Relatability - The hosts share their own struggles and triumphs, making them relatable.
  • Emotional payoff - Listeners become invested in the lives of the hosts.
  • Humor - The show blends raw honesty with plenty of humor.
  • Community - Listeners feel connected to the local community.
  • Authenticity - The unscripted banter creates a raw, authentic environment.

Charitable Initiatives

The Bert Show makes community involvement and giving back a priority. Some of their charitable initiatives include:

  • Bert's Big Adventure - An annual trip to Walt Disney World for children with chronic illnesses. Founded in 2002, it has sent over 7000 kids and families so far.

  • The Bert Show's Holiday Kids Fund - Provides gifts and basics to children in need during the holidays.

  • The Bert Show's Teacher Needs Fund - Collects school supplies and extra funding for teachers in the community.

  • The Fundraising Marathon - Annual radiothon that raises funds for various children's charities.

The Future of The Bert Show

With over 15 years on air and counting, The Bert Show continues to solidify its place as a leading radio show. Fans can expect:

  • Expansion to even more radio markets
  • Development of the show's podcast and digital presence
  • More live events and community engagement
  • Maintaining the genuine, raw conversations that are the show's foundation

The Bert Show has proven that honest, unscripted conversations between dynamic personalities will always resonate with audiences. The show's ability to blend entertainment, authenticity and community in one package is why it remains a fan favorite today.

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