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Discussion on: #CNC2021 "Code More" Mission 1 Submission Thread

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Dare Oloruntoba

I want to code more because:

I want to get better at coding and solving real life problems and also to get a good job. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.

I know I’ll have reached my “code more” goal when:

I’ve finished with the courses I’m presently taking and also when I’ve been able to build numbers of projects by myself.

My top three assumptions for reaching my goal are:
Time management. ________________________________________________________________

Limited resources . ________________________________________________________________
Discipline to stick with coding

Of these assumptions, my riskiest is:

The assumption of having enough time.

When I think about my riskiest assumption, three possible root causes are:

Finding ways to sort out my Bills takes most of my time. ________________________________________________________________

Most times I do think I don't know enough.

Accessing the 2 major resources is a big problem where I live.

3 ways I might address these root causes are:
Sorting my bills out much earlier. This will give me more time to concentrate on coding more.

Overcoming imposter syndrome. ________________________________________________________________

Easy access to the major resources affecting my time to code. ________________________________________________________________

Of these, the biggest cause that’s worth tackling first is:

the difficulty in accessing the 2 major resources to code more __________________________.