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Discussion on: I Failed...

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D. Armstrong

Hi! I just wanted to say I appreciate your article! I failed my first project exam in December, and I am currently retaking a stack in my bootcamp. Learning to code and becoming a DEV is the most challenging goal I have set for myself. The positivity and encouragement to keep pushing toward your goal is inspiring to me because at times I question whether this is the right goal for me. It is easy to feel imposter syndrome when so many people seem much more talented and smarter. Thanks for the encouraging article. It helps a lot to see that other people struggle too. Failure is not the end, it's the beginning into the journey of understanding!

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Malcolm Mikazuki Author

Thank you so much for this and yes its true, I feel like we all go through the same things in this joruney of becominga dev in these bootcamps or even self taught joruneys. The imposter syndrome can hit really hard.

I even found out in my bootcamp that its quite common for some students to fail a project and have to resubmit so its affirmed to me its ok to drop off and just get back on the horse!

We are all meant to be here! So Dont give up! Keep going! You got this!