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Rex Farbah oil

Rex Farbah Oil is an Unani restrictive oil with valuable herbs. It is useful in untimely ejaculation . It is a therapeutic oil with astonishing results. It makes a effect to reestablish vitality and progress imperativeness, physical quality and stamina in men. effects of Rex Farbah Oil causing erection and increment blood supply to crotch locale and increase sensitivity of male organ and Untimely ejaculation
Composition of Rex Farbah Oil :-

  • Jund Bedastar/Castorium Kharateen
  • Musaffa /Pheritima posthuma
  • Aqarqarah/Anacyclus Pyrethrum
  • Roghan Zaitoon/Olea europaea Dose of Rex Farbah Oil:- Rex Farbah Oil to be applied on male sexual organ at slightest 4 to 5 minutes to induce wanted result at bed time. Utilize 30 minutes before coitus. Safety measures of Rex Farbah Oil :- > Do not use without consulting a doctor. > Over-dosage may cause severe ill impacts. > Take this medicine in exact measurements and for restricted period of time as directed by specialist. > Keep away from children’s reach.

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