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Ella (she/her/elle)

Hey @ajhalili2006 , welcome to the CodeNewbie community 👋

Thanks for letting us know about your disappointment regarding CodeLand's timings.

I'm grateful you gave us the opportunity to clarify for you that there will be a combination of live and asynchronous content 🎉 (We will have threads here on CodeNewbie about the content so anyone tuning in async will be able to take part in the discussions! 😊)

More details are coming soon about how pre-recorded and live elements will mix, so stay tuned to the CodeLand website for more details. We know there’s a strong interest in the conference from CodeNewbies in Asia-Pacific timezones, and we’ll definitely have more details out soon about specifically what that conference experience would look like for those who can’t join for the live portions.

Feel free to drop any further questions you have about CodeLand in the CodeLand announcement post!