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Elliot Sarfo Brenya
Elliot Sarfo Brenya

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This blog has everything a junior developer needs

If you're a junior developer, the first question you might be asking is "where do I start?". When it comes to learning a programming language, luckily there are a ton of resources on this blog that can help get you started.

But with so many open resources, it might be tough to go through all these resource , so we suggest that you bookmark and refer to it anytime you want.

Anythingprogramming is the first developer blog in Ghana. Just as the name implies, this blog basically provide support to junior developers and people interested in programming.

Starting from basic of programing to advanced resources. All resources provide on this blog is free and can be downloaded as well.

Take charge and speed up the learning process. Take advantage of this blog and develop great systems and website.

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