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Emily Feld

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Coders with arts background?

Anybody else out there coming from an artsy background (in my case, music education, conducting, composing), had no previous interest in STEM, but stumbled upon coding and is now working as a web dev or software engineer? Would love to hear how you made the transition, and how you leveraged your arts background to land a tech job. Coding has sparked an interest in me I didn't know existed--still early days, butI'm excited to see where it takes me! Thanks in advance!

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Larry Martin

As a former musician I found coding akin to composing melodies with logic. The ability to structure and create patterns in music smoothly translated into structuring code
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Hey Emily. I come from a performing arts background (singing, acting, musicals). I haven't applied to any tech jobs yet. Still stumbling around with JavaScript. What interested you the most with coding and making that switch?

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Dennis Tobar

Hi, I read in other posts, a long time ago, about their experiences. I remember some thoughts about how to learn basic algorithms and some data structures (queue, lists, etc.). They had a slow start, but they had great results.