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Top 5 The Most Best Selected VScode Extensions

Vscode is one of the most used code editor. But it's nothing without it's cool extensions! So this post is for those who won't there vscode to be more useful!

no.1 Prettier code formatter

When it comes to clean code prettier is the best option to go for
Image description
with over 23,096,696 downloads it's just the best!

no.2 Auto Rename Tag

Stop using vscode if you are a front-end developer! if you don't know about Auto Rename Tag!
It just takes a second for a mistake, but with Auto Rename Tag, it's easy to fix it!

no.3 Comment Anchors

Start commenting with the best vscode extension!
With it's prefix you can comment the best way!
An important note to comment? but want it to flash on your eye as you see it? then use Comment Anchors!

no.4 Live Server

Stop refreshing you browser just to see a change you made!
use Live Server to save and auto refresh your browser!

Last but not lest Material Icon Theme

Want your folder to look good? then start using Material Icon Theme!
With the best icons for every type of file or folder!
They are just to many!

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