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A Roadmap to Success: Navigating 70-411 Exam Objectives

  1. Configure the Active Directory Infrastructure (15-20%) Configure a forest or a domain: Candidates 70 411 Exam Objectives are evaluated on their ability to configure trusts, create Active Directory (AD) subdomains, and configure multiple user principal name (UPN) suffixes for efficient user authentication and resource access. Configure site and replication: This objective focuses on configuring sites and subnets, as well as establishing and managing replication between sites to ensure data consistency and availability. Configure AD Certificate Services: In this section, candidates need to configure the CA hierarchy and manage certificates to enhance network security.
  2. Configure Identity and Access Solutions (15-20%) Configure and manage Active Directory Certificate Services: This objective involves managing certificate templates, addressing certificate revocation, and understanding the certificate recovery process for robust security implementation. Configure and manage Group Policy: Candidates need to showcase their ability to configure Group Policy processing, settings, and preferences to enforce specific configurations across the network. Configure and manage Active Directory 70 411 Exam Objectives Rights Management Services (AD RMS): This section involves installation, configuration of AD RMS templates, and monitoring and managing AD RMS for enhanced data protection.

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