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Discussion on: Hi, we’re Strapi and we’re excited to be at CodeLand!

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Abhishek Agrawal • Edited on

Why did you become a developer?
Games. I was always into games, and I was in my middle school when i got to know that that people using something weird caled "programming" to make them. That's how it started.

What's your content experience, have you used a CMS? 💬
I have a blog created with WordPress ( I know😅), and thats a CMS I use regularly.

Have you ever heard of Headless CMS? Strapi? Jamstack tools? 🤔
I interned at a company which used a headless CMS for their blog, and I got to experiment a little with It.
I haven't specifically heard about Strapi but I know about Jamstack tools.

twitter - fazer1929

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Melanie Almeida

Hello Abhishek,

What's your favorite video game?

No worries, I also use WordPress for my personal blog. But will move soon to Strapi ;-)

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Abhishek Agrawal

As of now, Sleeping Dogs, there's nothing extremely different about it, yet it has something that I love.