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What is no-code?

I've recently come across a no-code/low-code attitude (using API calls), and I wonder if anybody can clarify it.
What does it mean for the future of coding?

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Ben Halpern

It generally means tools which help you spin up technology which you previously had to directly code.

Stuff like Squarespace would be no code in that you don't need code to build the site, even if there is code underneath it. Webflow is another popular tool.

Nocode isn't technically new in any way, but it does have momentum as an idea. I'd say that Nocode can affect whatever direct domain you're in. In the past, a restaurant might have hired a developer to build their restaurant. These days they probably could do it via "nocode". So if you're in the niche of direct web development freelancing, your work could be displaced by nocode, but this sort of thing doesn't displace coding in general.

Advances like this mean that developers need to learn new domains as they go because specific skills might get nocoded away, but they will be replaced by others. I'd encourage everyone to ensure they are always continuously learning in order to get into new spaces as they open up, but not be too worried otherwise about things like nocode. They are less impactful than they claim to be (unless you aren't learning and evolving).