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Discussion on: [On-Demand Talk] Celibrate You're Misteaks

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Hi Joe. Thanks for helping the community. Everyone needs to know that making mistakes are okay and are actually part of the process. This message cant' be said enough! You mentioned coding in public and gave posting the code to as open source as an example. What can someone do if they are bound by their company not to publish their code to open source (such as the code is proprietary?) Any tips on how might they get their dept to incorporate code reviews or version control if they don't currently use them? Also, in the case of personal projects (non-proprietary) do you recommend streaming code live and what are ups and downs if so? Thanks again for your ideas and talk!!!

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Joe Glombek Author

I guarantee your closed-source product uses open source packages/plugins. There's real value in contributing to open source products that your company uses - so ask your boss if you can do this on the clock! Open source is good for you and your company, so its always worth asking.

If in work isn't an option, you can find an open source project that interests you in your free time if you like - but be sure not to overwork yourself!

I've only tried live streaming code a couple of times, but I found a few really supportive viewers that way - if it appeals to you, give it a go! Send me a link and if I'm about I'll watch!