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Discussion on: Navigate the frontend easily with the Inspector (Part 1)

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What better example API there is than one that lets you see cute waifu & husbando get resources that you can relate to?

Indeed Sir

Really, that is a brilliant idea! Your demo website is so visually appealing!

I loved your article. It is indeed great for a newbie developer. I like how you teach about Inspect. It is one of the very basic tools in front end development. But I hardly see any blogs/articles around it.

The only negative that I have is, I feel it was unnecessary to introduce novice developers to Git and ask them to fork and clone a repo. They could just download the zip file from GitHub.
Similarly, I think the part about Postman could have been deferred to the next article.
It is my personal opinion that for new learners, everything is new. So they get confused easily if we introduce them to a lot of different things/ideas in a short span of time. Even if all those things are trivial in reality.
That is just my opinion though.

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Estee Tey Author

Love your feedback! And I totally get your point about cramming too much content 👍 alright i'll relook at the content and make some modifications when I have the time.