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What is an ID card?

Do you know what is very convenient in America? Yes, checkbooks, cards that can rarely be attached, etc.

Everyone has their own ID, no need to carry around a whole paper notebook called a passport, which can hardly fit in a pocket normally. Also, do not carry a notebook to the club, where you will definitely lose it easily.

Everything goes through the ID: checking in for a plane, going to a bar, banking, medical care, etc. It's incredibly convenient. By the way, if you lose, then if you have rights, you can use them, they are equivalent.

Therefore, upon arrival in the States, run ID so as not to wander around with a passport. My friend once lost his, and you know what? It is incredibly difficult to restore it in the States, you have to find a person who will confirm that you are you. What if you came alone?

There are three types of IDs:

  1. Local;

  2. State level;

  3. Driving license.

Local is given in New York to those who do not have enough reason to obtain a State-level ID. Those. if you are a tourist or illegal.

The State level is already for those who can prove legal presence in the country on a permanent basis, it is more difficult to get it. Rights are the same story.

However, there are states where you can safely get any level, even if you are illegal. In California and Washington, you can get a driver's license regardless of your status.

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Larry Martin

Yeah, ID cards are a lifesaver! Much handier than lugging around a passport everywhere. Plus, losing it in a club is way less stressful than misplacing a whole notebook.
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Gregg Lee

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