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In progress: Finished editing project content and About page

In this series: I'll cover the reasons why I build my portfolio without using a CMS, show my progress of troubleshooting, working through the mess and what I learn in between. The portfolio is in the making.
The purpose of the series: to record my process, visualize my progress for a future improvement, keep myself accountable and connect with you who may have the same journey.

Mar 04, 2021

Last episode, I started editing the projects content. Fast forward, a couple of weeks later...I finished all of the nine projects, including the About page, and dove into WooCommerce and PayPal setting a bit on WordPress--telling you, that world is quite messy!

Project content - all done

Here's the Project page that you can start browsing: (
There are nine projects in total. Each has its own page and some are linked together.

Now here's the thing. I don't know which one is better between putting the project description at the top of the page then, following with the pictures or the reverse?

  • Here's what it looks like with description at the top and following with pictures:Alt Text

  • And here's the reverse of it, where you're presented with the visual first, text later: Alt TextI do hope you can help guide me as a user.

About page - think I'm done, too, or almost

Here's the About page that you can give some critique about my services ;) (
About page - services & expectation section Shoot me a message or comment below if you see anything strange or wonky on your screen device. I worked hard on the responsive design on this one, so it'd better be neat in all views.

  • Challenge

Copywriting to sell ourselves as a product is hard - I admitted it. I struggled when thinking about what to say, what questions a user may have, how to help them discover what they want, how to make messages succinct and fluff-free, and what call-to-action I should add in. Lots of thinking here.

  • Solution
  1. I style Services section with a darker background, so it draws a user's attention.
  2. I make highlighted bullet points for each service, which makes it easy skim through each one.
  3. I keep the description very concise and straight-forward
  4. I include the Expectation section to build a good understanding and set the right expectation towards potential clients
  5. I make the Expectation section less prominent by styling it the opposite way of the Services section.
  6. I add call-to-action links at the bottom of the page to direct users to the pages I want.

My next move...?

  • Add two wireframing projects
  • Add two WordPress projects
  • Edit content in each project
  • Link stuff together
  • Write copy for my About page
  • Determine what to do with the Contact page (I'm leaning towards reusing the form I made in my school final project.)
  • Gallery in project page? YES and DONE!
  • Ask people for testimonials (started, one seems promising)
  • Finish that WP E-commerce (Still on it)

Question for today:
What content will you put on your About page and why?

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