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Can Older Mums Get Into Web Development?

Keen new Coder, Crafter, Cat lover, keen to become a WordPress Developer.
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I have been interested in coding with a view to web development for over a year now. I began my journey learning HTML and CSS on the Sololearn app. Then I had a break and now have decided to really go for it. I have signed up to the CodeNewbie challenge, and other learning sites and also have a blog to chart my journey and the first part of my #100DaysOfCode challenge. Of course, as a 50-something woman who has spent the best part of the last 20 years raising a family, can I really break into this world? I don't want to be some high flying whizz, all I want is a nice little freelance developer job making WordPress websites for people; or I like the idea of making educational apps (I was a teacher in a former life). Anyway, I would love to hear from those in a similar situation and who have made it.

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Matt C

Hi Jayne,
Anything is possible if you stick to it. Over the past several months I have meet sooo many people that have/wanted to change careers since the Pandemic. I think this is the perfect time. The pandemic is the perfect reason/excuse to change. "I realized that priorities had changed and now I want X, Y, Z."
So, Sure why not?
Jump in the water is fine. ;))

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Jayne Author

Thanks again Matt! Jayne

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holly boyles

absolutely! I am 41 and still learning!

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Jayne Author

Hi Holly,
You're just a baby! I am 51 - but appreciate the thumbs up! Jayne