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Discussion on: #CNC2021 "Start Coding" Mission 5 [pt. I] Submission Thread

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My problem is that I like to delve into many areas rather than just concentrating on one. I identified Bootstrap as my main focus and while that is still the case, I am also doing an online course on becoming a WordPress Developer. That course talks about WP specific php and using a Local Host (which is great). It is an intensive course and it is for that reason, I do a bit of it each day. On top of that, I am building a blog from scratch (again WP).
But back to the question - I was glad to rediscover Codeacademy because I found a FREE course Building a Webpage using Bootstrap! I am almost finished and it has been an excellent introduction and I love the name 'Jumbotron'! I really like Bootstrap! The difficulty I had was I was stuck on HTML and CSS so much so that I struggled to consider anything else! HTML and CSS were like, if I can use this analogy - your old and worn comfortable slippers which you know should be thrown away but you can't bear to part with them and break-in a new pair.
The resources I originally outlined are still in place, but I do have to say Codeacademy has helped to make the learning journey easier. Finally, I have to credit CodeNewbie's weekly emails for reminding me about Codeacademy. Right, that's enough from me! Jayne