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Newbie in need of direction

girluser profile image girluser ・1 min read

Ive been on and off learning/trying to learn how to code using program apps such as MIMO and PYTHON; have some experience with command prompts on terminal or virtual machines with both iOS and open source but still need help with coding languages

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I would first ask what your motivation is for learning to code.
You may have to learn different tools based on which direction you wanna go. What you wanna work on. What kind of problems you wanna solve.

As a piece of general advice, I once heard someone say on Twitter (and I agree with them) that they always recommend newbies to start with HTML/CSS. Because the effects of what they're doing are immediately visible. Which initiates a positive feedback loop.

Once you're comfortable making static websites, you can learn JavaScript and add fancy animations, effects, and even content.
After that you just become unstoppable.

Not to mention, JavaScript is pretty lenient on newbies, has uses across many domains, and opens your doors to web development - one of the hot jobs today IMHO.

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Matt C • Edited

One thing I suggest to new peeps is to check out Ubuntu desktop.

Ubuntu is a Super Easy flavor/version/type (or distribution) of Linux. Linux is used everywhere too. Over 90% of all web servers, supercomputers or cloud uses Linux, IN THE WORLD.

  • By downloading it and trying it on your computer you can almost get a 'brand-new' computer. Well at least a brand new operating system. haha

  • The Ubuntu 'Community' is HUGE so you can usually find TONS of tutorials or help.

If you need more help or ideas let me know. ;))

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Vishnubhotla Bharadwaj

If you want to dive deep at once, try to learn advanced python and then AI, ML follows. If you want to start from basics follow this order C, C++, Java, Python, DS, DAA, DBMS. After completing these basic concepts then you can choose your field like webd, appd, if not then AI or ML. I think this is the correct way to follow (in my point of view, no offence😂)

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Michael Caveney

What are you specifically having trouble with?

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Jason Braganza

hello @girluser :)
take a language to serve as your first language. Python is a really good option!
and then stick to it until you pick up the basics.
and then move upwards and onwards :)