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Some good python books I'm using. What are some books that you are using to learn? And what are you learning?

Hello, I am a new codenewbie newbie, and I wanted to share some books I've been using to learn python.

One is called Introducing Python: Modern computing in simple packages.

Another and this one I find to be really helpful if your like me and have trouble thinking of what to code and your a beginner: The Python Workbook: A Brief Introduction with Exercises and Solutions
I find this book to be really useful for building some programming muscles.

Another one is published by manning. Python Workout: 50 ten-minute exercises.
I haven't started it, but I thumbed through it and the exercises seem to be good. It is basically another book of exercises with very little info on how to program in python. But if your looking for practice I have to recommend it.

These are some of the books I have. I have other books, but I bought them without realizing how advanced they were. I feel these books I've listed would be helpful to anyone looking to learn python.

From what I've read and done so far these books are a good combination to have I think.

Update (meant to put this in)
What books are you using and what are you learning? What books do you recommend and think may be of use to others?
Discuss if you want.

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