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Discussion on: #CNC2021 "Write More" Mission 1 Submission Thread

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David LaRocco

I had no trouble coming up with ideas, but narrowing down the list was way harder! So here are the three I'm considering:

  1. Explainer - this References
    • This was a pain-point for me when I started learning JS, and I've heard it from other people too. I didn't really get it until I studied Java and OOP, so I want to see if I can break down the concept.
  2. Tutorial - Customizing/Optimizing VS Code
    • VS Code users know there are new features being added all the time, but it took me a long time to get comfortable with some of the best ones, like mulit-cursor and rich-language editing, and things like setting the default language for folders. Mainly I want to up my game while bringing some other people with me!
  3. Project - Creating a WordPress blog on AWS
    • Been procrastinating on this for a while. I recently got my Cloud Practitioner cert and want to put my knowledge to practical use. And I can show the free tier options on AWS, so everyone knows you can easily host a website or blog there free for a year!
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Ayu Adiati

Love all your ideas! I have trouble as well in understanding this. So I would love to read your article once it's up! 😀