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Vicente Antonio G. Reyes
Vicente Antonio G. Reyes

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Would you learn InfoSec or Machine Learning?

I know python, django and can navigate myself around reactJs but want to know which should I upskill to? Thaaanks

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Ben Halpern

I think InfoSec is fundamentally more steady, and sure to be around in the long run. Not that ML won't evolve how software is done, it may or may not be adopted in certain areas. I think InfoSec is more fundamental and broadly applicable.

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Andrew Baisden

Working in InfoSec seems like a really good choice because security analysts will always be needed. Protecting computer system and learning the ins and outs of software is a skill in high demand I would imagine. As is the ability to mitigate cyber attacks which is quite a common occurrence.

But on the other side in my opinion Machine Learning is a really interesting field to be in right now. The possibilities are endless and there are so many things that you could work on.