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Hot Online Database Management Courses in 2023

Database Management System (Udemy)

Database Management System

In this course, you will learn about databases, database management systems, and the life cycle of a relational database. You will also learn about data modeling and the relationship between entity-relationship (ER) modeling and relational modeling. This course is suitable for anyone who is willing to learn and has basic programming and relational algebra knowledge. Upon completing the course, you will have a better understanding of data, which is the foundation of any organization, and be able to access databases directly or indirectly.

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Database Foundations: Database Management (Linkedin)

Database Foundations: Database Management

This course, part of the Database Foundations series, focuses on the various components of databases that are essential for a fully functioning system. Topics covered include view objects, query performance, transactions, and stored procedures. The course also includes challenges to test your skills as you progress. By understanding these elements of database management, you can improve system performance and provide a more consistent user experience.

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Relational Database Management Systems (Edx)

Relational Database Management Systems

In this course, you will learn about relational database management systems and gain practical experience with several popular database technologies. You will learn how to create databases, tables, and store information in them, as well as develop a foundational understanding of database design and schema topics. You will also learn how to implement databases in multiple database management systems, ensure data integrity with foreign keys, increase performance with indexes, create stored procedures and triggers, and establish database backups and restores. Unfortunately, this course is not available to learners in Iran, Cuba, and the Crimea region of Ukraine due to U.S. sanctions.


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Database Management Essentials (Coursera)

Database Management Essentials

This course provides the foundation you need for a career in database development, data warehousing, or business intelligence. You will learn how to create relational databases, write SQL statements to extract data for business reporting, design databases with entity relationship diagrams (ERDs), and analyze table designs for excessive redundancy. You will also learn about data modeling and database design concepts, including normalization and denormalization. By the end of the course, you will be able to design and create a database, as well as manipulate and query data using SQL. This course is part of the Data Warehousing for Business Intelligence specialization.

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