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Discussion on: Why I Love Notion for Note-taking and Much More

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Great article, thanks for sharing Brenda! (Fellow) stationery hoarder right here 🙋🏻‍♀️ I love that Notion makes it easy for the user to customise the look and feel and to add structure to your notes, without overwhelming the user with too many customisation options. The fact that they support markdown is such a great help for us devs, and it's fun to see more and more people creating templates for Notion now that it's gaining popularity. 🎉 I must say I haven't fully converted to digital notetaking yet though, and I still love having pen and paper by my side in case I want to jot down something quickly or need to do a little braindump (or maybe that's my excuse so I can keep buying notebooks 🤔 🤫)!