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Hi can someone here help me with this memory game in wich the user have to enter smt like this 3,5,5,3,N and each pair of numbers ( (3,5) and(5,3) ) means a position of a card; the cards have a number and a letter so if the user writes N just the numbers have to match if its L just the letters and if is A both; now the user sets the number of pairs of cards and the number of trios of cards so if you chose A and and you had 2 cards right and there is a third one and you choose a coordinate of where is the card, suppose its right, then the points , wich are the numbers of the cards added,randomly (the points) will be duplicated or quadruplicated with a maximum of ten times for it to happen; and also there are different users the number of players is set at the beginning of the game and every time they end their turn then the amount of points will show
Clearly I have some work done at this repository:

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