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Hello! Ionic is excited to join you at CodeLand 2021!

Ionic in 20 Seconds

Use Ionic to build beautiful, fast, cross-platform apps using web technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and your framework of choice β€” React, Angular, or Vue. Use native device APIs with Ionic and deploy web, iOS, Android, and desktop apps β€” all from a single codebase.

The DEV and CodeNewbie communities are amazing, inclusive spaces for new and experienced developers alike to share knowledge, resources, ask questions, and learn from others. We're honored to be here with you, and excited to sponsor CodeLand 2021. We hope you enjoy the conference!

Win Exclusive Ionic Swag!

Want to win some exclusive swag? We have a laser-engraved, vacuum-insulated hot/cold beverage bottle and an embroidered Columbia laptop backpack to give away via raffle!


You can enter the raffle for a chance to win below:

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We'll draw winners and notify by email after the event. Please keep an eye on your email once CodeLand 2021 ends β€” we'll be requesting shipping addresses for winners so we can get your swag to you!

Connect With Us

We'd love to hear from you in the discussion below, or on Twitter at @Ionicframework! What are you learning and working on? Are you a web developer who is interested in building mobile apps with web technologies? Do you want to learn how to build web components that work across all frameworks and in vanilla JavaScript? If you could build your dream mobile app, what would it be?

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rainydevbs profile image
Ben Shuck

One of the next steps for our Angular app is a better mobile experience. Ionic seemed like the obvious choice, so it's interesting for me to come across this now.. Are there any guides coming from an existing project?

mhartington profile image
Mike Hartington

Since Ionic has angular bindings, the quickest way would be to just ng add @ionic/angular or npm install it. Before diving into the whole ecosystem, just adding the components can get you there pretty quickly.

shelleymcq profile image
Shelley M

Hi, I'm a high school chemistry teacher transitioning to full stack web developer. I complete my bootcamp in just two weeks! My biggest dream is to create all apps for chemistry students that I wished I had available as a teacher and the first one I have planned is about atoms and ions. Was super excited to see your name, Ionic! Seems like serendipity 😍

ellativity profile image
Ella (she/her/elle)

The Miyazaki keyboard and dioramas are just 😍

michaeltharrington profile image
Michael Tharrington

Seriously! Such a dope keyboard.

kimmaida profile image
Kim Maida

Thank you! I really appreciate it!

kimmaida profile image
Kim Maida

Thank you so much for your kind words!!

muditabaid profile image
Mudita Baid • Edited

Right now, I am learning about cloud technologies.
Yes, I am a web developer. I have developed many websites but haven't developed a mobile app. I am interested in building mobile apps and now I definitely want to try it using ionic.
It would be great if i build a app that work across all the frameworks. Looking forward to learn that with ionic.
My dream mobile app would be the app that could set my timetable and reminds me of every important meeting and dates with a simpler UI.

ujjwaltwitx profile image
Ujjwal Pratap Singh

Have been using ionic for the last 1 year to build my apps and I think I will always stick to ionic for mobile app development

noviicee profile image

Ionic is literally Iconic.

ffuds profile image

I need that @ionic laptop bag!

varghesejose2020 profile image
Varghese Jose

Hi ionic

varghesejose2020 profile image
Varghese Jose

Is winner mail out?

ionic profile image

Winners are going to be contacted today in about 10 minutes!

ikramsalim profile image
Ikram Salim

Hello Ionic :)