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What Is a High-Anonymity IP Proxy?

First, high-anonymity proxies, as the name suggests are highly anonymous, can increase security and privacy to an unprecedented level. Specifically, when you use a high-anonymity proxy IP to send an HTTP request or directly access a website, the website will think that you are a real user, and it will not be able to recognize that you are using a proxy. Some websites also impose strict restrictions on proxies, and by default, they block anonymous proxies. So if you are identified as using a proxy, it will hinder the smooth progress of the business. The reason why this is the unique advantage of high anonymous proxy IP is that by using advanced anonymous proxy, you can evade proxy inspection, thus effectively improving the success rate of your business.

When using a high-anonymity proxy server, the high-anonymity proxy does not change the client request, and the visited server looks like a real client browser accessing it when viewed by the interviewee. At this time, the client's real proxy IP is hidden, and the server will not think that we use a proxy. Therefore, if it is necessary to visit a website safely as a face-to-face person, a high-anonymity proxy can meet this requirement. At present, more and more Internet users choose to use high-anonymity proxies to surf the Internet, which has achieved more secure network access and avoids their own information leakage.

How does a high-anonymity proxy work?

The high-anonymity proxy camouflages the visitor very well, replaces the original IP with a random and real residential IP, and hides the information of using the proxy. The target end will treat it as an ordinary visitor, with the highest degree of concealment , so it is called "high anonymity proxy".

It works the same as all anonymous proxies – they act as an intermediary server through which your web requests are sent. When the request reaches it, your request will be modified, stripping off your IP address and replacing it with a completely different one, so the web server you're requesting content from won't know you're behind the request.

High anonymity proxies differ from other levels of anonymity proxies in that other proxies will actively identify themselves as proxies, whereas high anonymity proxies will not identify themselves as proxies.

How does the proxy make it recognize/unrecognize the web server itself?

It is used by the proxy server through 3 HTTP headers, namely: HTTP_VIA, HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR and REMOTE_ADDR. The three of them represent different meanings:
REMOTE_ADDR = proxy IP address
HTTP_VIA = undetermined (blank)
HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR = not determined (blank)

When a web server receives a request, it looks at the contents of these three headers to see how to respond to the request. When the high-anonymity IP proxy works, the HTTP_VIA and HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR received by the web server do not contain any information. Because of these two blanks, the server has no way of knowing that the request was routed through the proxy. To do this, modify REMOTE_ADDR and specify a different IP address. This makes you more secure and hides your online identity (IP address) so that you are automatically treated as a normal user.

Where can I get high anonymity proxies?

Most of the free proxy IPs on the Internet are under the banner of high anonymity, but they do not really grasp the real core of IP anonymity. Usually they can only go online or survive for a few seconds or minutes, and they are easily recognized by the Web server during operation, thereby terminating the proxy service.
Therefore, we do not recommend you to use free channels to challenge your own professional business needs. You can search for a variety of highly credible proxy brands. We recommend to you the high-anonymity proxy IP obtained from the IP2World official website. Almost all of the 90 million proxy IPs in the proxy pool have been checked and screened, so its success rate is as high as 99.99%.

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