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Dynamics GP Support Ends – How to Keep Your Data Secure

Dynamics GP Support is on the verge of its end of life. For the latest versions, Dynamics GP 2018 and GP 2018 R2, the fixed lifecycle will end in 2028. It means the system will no longer receive any security patches. The problem is that without timely patches and tweaks, the ERP is at risk of privacy and overall performance issues.

How can you cope with this problem and keep your accounting software running for years? Lets explore all possible options to solve the issue.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Support Lifecycles

Microsoft offers two approaches to maintenance. Lets take a look at each of them.

Fixed Lifecycle

Great Plains is maintained under a fixed lifecycle policy. It means that users receive 10 years of official help, which is divided into 2 phases:

  • Mainstream Support. During this phase, Microsoft offers a full pack of services, including security updates, non-security updates, and the addition of innovative features. For the latest version of 2018, Mainstream Support ended in January 2023.
  • Extended Support. After the primary phase, the program enters Extended Support, which lasts for the next five years. It offers security patches and major bug fixes. Extended Support ends in 2028, marking the end of its lifespan.

Modern Lifecycle

In 2019, Microsoft announced the modern lifecycle for Great Plains. It is relevant for newer versions of the program, beginning with 18.2. This policy applies when you upgrade any version of GP 2018 to 18.2 or later, usually by adding compatible tax releases or patches. It provides customizations, security updates, and technical fixes.

Options to Continue Microsoft GP Support

For many users, the end of the assistance was a blow because Great Plains has long been one of the most functional accounting software programs. However, several solutions allow you to save data and manage all operations error-free.

Upgrade to the Modern Lifecycle

Microsoft continues to support the product under the new terms. If you have a 2018 version, you may install an update that will move you to the modern policy. This way, you receive improvements as long as the program is up-to-date with the most recent releases.

Migrate to Business Central or Dynamics 365 Finance

Companies searching for innovative functionality and cloud integration may consider migrating to Dynamics 365 Business Central or D365 Finance. This transition offers top-notch features, including data visibility, analytics, and AI-powered tools. Consider our migration services if you are ready to migrate but are concerned about data retention and functioning. We customize solutions to match your specific requirements and guarantee high performance.

Hire a Consultant

If your old system is still running well or is too hard to move, hire a reliable GP consultant. Our experts provide full-fledged assistance, security patches, and functionality fixes. In addition, we customize features to improve your ERP.

Microsoft GP Dynamics Support Services We Provide

Even after Microsofts official assistance has ended, our GP developers may help you keep your system running well. The following are the primary areas where we assist you.

Technical Maintenance

Experts carefully monitor the functioning of your ERP and correct technical problems. It allows you to avoid failures and maintain the functionality of the modules for a long time.


The needs of the organization, market, and industry have changed throughout time. As a result, some features may become outdated. Specialists are here to modify your features. This way, we customize the module to your requirements to make financial operations simple and convenient.

Security Updates

The software helps organize finances, reports, taxes, and other accounting operations. It means that the system must be completely protected against data leakage. Our experts identify threats and configure modules to counter them.

Health Checkups

We provide services for checking the serviceability of ERP. It helps to detect errors at the earliest stages and prevent the problem from spreading.

Upgrade and Migration

If you decide to update to latest versions or are ready to migrate to new software, we can help. Our specialists provide a smooth transition by professionally setting up all processes and data migrations.

Dynamics GP Support FAQ

How May I Hire Dynamics GP Support with Your Team?

Just contact us with your request. We will respond as soon as possible and initiate a discussion to discuss all the details.

Can I Choose a Microsoft GP Dynamics Support Consultant from a Specific Country?

Sure. Our cooperation models include local recruiting. Thus, we offer reliable candidates from different countries.

How to Choose the Best Dynamics GP Support?

Follow a few simple rules to find a worthy provider to maintain your ERP:

  • Evaluate expertise, experience, and successful cases. Ask about the specialists certifications and learn about his experience in various industries to be sure of the candidates expertise.
  • Consider communication skills. Make sure that you are comfortable communicating with the expert. It is crucial because you have to exchange ideas and leave feedback.
  • Rate the match. Ensure the candidate fits your company culture and meets your work principles.

Which is Better to Choose: Microsoft Dynamics GP Support or Migration to New Software?

In this matter, rely on your needs, wishes, and budget. If you feel that migration will not bring you difficulties but, on the contrary, will help in development, feel free to choose new solutions. You can stay with the preset version if this process is complicated and unnecessary.

Hire a Reliable Consultant to Continue Dynamics GP Support and Keep Your System Up and Running

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