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Joao Lopes

Hello everyone!
My name's Andre. I'm 44 and I'm new to this wonderful world of coding.
Although I've always been fascinated by this subject, I never really pursued it. Life always got in the way. But recently in 2021 I had the opportunity to complete a Bootcamp on full stack development. And it was one of the most intellectually satisfying experiences I've ever had.
Now I'm trying to get into the industry, only regretting that I did not choose to do it sooner.
I'd really like to know if there's anyone out there with a similar experience (trying to take the leap at forty plus).
Anyway, arrived here because I searched "Coding" on Spotify and discovered the Codenewbie podcast, and it was amazing! The stories I heard were really close to my own experience. Presently I just want to keep learning, keep coding, and be in a community in which I can help and be helped.
Thank you for having me.