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What's the difference between NodeJS and DenoJS?

I'm having the hardest time parsing out the difference here!

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Juan F Gonzalez

Well, one could say that Deno is the "successor" of Node. Although there are other differences between the two.

Like for instance, Deno is built with TypeScript and supports JavaScript. Node only started with JS.
Node is already an established technology with several years. Deno is pretty much starting and doesn't have that much time out there.

Deno was initiated by Ryan Dahl as a Node alternative to "fix" the mistakes made building Node. This talk explains more about that subject.

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ender minyard • Edited

Ryan Dahl created both Node and Deno.

JavaScript is an interpreted language (there's a great Code Newbie podcast episode about this). Modern JavaScript engines use just-in-time compilation instead of being a mere interpreter of the interpreted language to improve performance. A JavaScript engine is the thing that executes JavaScript.

Node's JavaScript engine is written in C++. Deno's JavaScript engine is written in Rust, a newer systems programming language with some security benefits C++ does not have.

Those are the lower level details, but if you're not a systems programmer you might be wondering what any of this means for you. Deno has a stricter security model than Node, which can be a benefit for end users of your program but you may find this frustrating as a programmer building applications on top of Deno.

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Larry Martin

NodeJS relies on callbacks and a centralized package repository whereas DenoJS utilizes promises and ES modules for a decentralized module handling system.
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