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A Github for nocode

What's the equivalent of Github-like resource bank of 'code' commons for nocode?

Google Trends screenshot of "nocode"

I saw on Google Trends that the “nocode” key word is finally taking off. This is to be expected. But what’s fascinating and interesting is under related queries, “github nocode” is one of the top breakout queries.

Google Trends screenshot of "nocode github"

Could this be an indicator of market demand? Why do we need a Github for nocode?

Firstly, for the un-initiated and complete code newbies, Github is a developer’s tool offering:

  • software development version control
  • team collaboration on software development
  • bug tracking
  • feature requests
  • task management
  • wikis

But perhaps what I love most about Github are the code commons – the code repositories in public view, which you can clone, or copy paste to your own project. It’s a great way to learn how others code their projects, and maybe save some time figuring out on your own.

Why "Github nocode"?

Perhaps this is why “github nocode” is the top search related query. How does one do nocode? What tech stacks does one use? How do I reference and learn from other nocode experts? How can I collaborate on a nocode project with someone?

The problem is nocode developers usually don't do much programming, if at all. At most they might do it low code, with some basic HTML, CSS, Javascript. There isn’t much code to share like how it’s done in Github, other than a list of the nocode tools they used.

How does one do version control when you stack a couple of different nocode tools together that don’t talk with one another? Many nocode tools are walled gardens, and they don’t always integrate well with other nocode tools. But there’s some hope though that it’s changing. Zapier, Integromat and IFTTT are leading the way in integration, across different nocode tools.

A possible concept for a Github for nocode

The closest I can think of for a Github for nocode is a resource bank of nocode tutorials—either text-based or videos—of how to set up various nocode products and integrate them. Imagine you can search by product, or nocode tools. Say I want to build a job board. I could go into nocode github, and search job board, and read through the many different ways one can build it without code, using different tools just like developers choose programming languages and frameworks. Then based on your preference for tools and considerations on cost etc, you can clone the project and just customise the bits for your project.

But I wonder… maybe an early version of a nocode github already exists, in the form of Makerpad? Hmmm. ? There’s still some ways to go for Makerpad, but it is promising…

A billion-dollar nocode unicorn opportunity

Perhaps anyone who can figure this out will be able to grow this into a billion dollar nocode unicorn. Not crazy, considering the nocode/low code market is set to grow from $3.8b in 2017 to $21.1b in 2022 (report from

What do you think? How would a Github for nocode look like?

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