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The tech stack for nocode: the WAMZstack

A popular nocode ‘tech stack’ is the WAMZstack - Webflow, Airtable, Memberstack, Zapier.

A popular nocode ‘tech stack’ now is the WAMZstack - Webflow, Airtable, Memberstack, Zapier. With this starter stack, you can create the 4 common features that any SaaS needs:

Webflow for frontend: use a template, drag and drop, export html code. This tool is so good that even some programming schools are using Webflow to teach would-be professional developers about front-end development using Websflow.

Airtable as backend: not just a spreadsheet. Lots of “blocks” features that you can add to it, like macros/scripts. Can also integrate with Zapier for automation/automated workflows (like sign up, auto save to Airtable, then auto email to welcome user).

Memberstack for user authentication and accounts: add free or paid memberships without code. Sign up/in, auth, restricted access to content, accounts, passwords, etc.

Zapier for workflow automation: Move data between different supported web apps, connect automated workflows, the ‘glue’ for different nocode tools to work auto-seamlessly (also see IFTTT, Integromat).

Other nocode tools that I love to use to make the other important features that any SaaS needs:

  • Apps: Glideapps for making SaaS apps from spreadsheets.
  • Forms: Typeform allows for logic flows for forms, and also take one-off payments.
  • Recurring payments: lets you do recurring payments.
  • Analytics: Simple Analytics is privacy-focused, and just add a short script to your website to get started.
  • Newsletters and mailing list: Mailchimp is popular and free.
  • Landing pages and email sign-ups:, probably the simplest and most intuitive interface to make a website.

By the way, WAMZstack is a completely made up term, but I love it! Sounds powerful, like *wham! ?

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