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Discussion on: [#CNC2022 "Code More" Cohort 1] Why do you want to code more?

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jlesuerdev • Edited on

I want to code more because: I want to increase my value as an employee and open up other possibilities/positions where I work. I want to help my place of employment grow with technology.

I know I’ll have reached my “code more” goal when: I've been able to create a working API, using both front and back-end languages.

My top three assumptions for reaching my goal are:

  1. Daily practice.
  2. Reading more.
  3. Completing the cohort.

Of these assumptions, my riskiest is: Practicing.

When I think about my riskiest assumption, three possible root causes are:

  1. Becoming too dependent on tutorials.
  2. Not setting an appropriate amount of time to practice.
  3. Using the wrong language/tools for the project.

3 ways I might address these root causes are:

  1. Force myself to use trial-and-error instead of just finding the answer.
  2. Setting a specific amount of time to practice each day.
  3. Not worry about if it's the best way and focus on making things work regardless.

Of these, the biggest cause that’s worth tackling first is: Creating the time to practice.