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How to set Windows Terminal as GitKraken's default terminal

GitKraken allows you to open the current repository in the terminal by hitting Alt + T but by default, this won't be the new Windows Terminal.

The new Windows Terminal has many benefits over the Command Line or Powershell applications but you won't find Windows Terminal as an option for the default terminal in GitKraken's settings.

There is a simple fix, however. Open up GitKraken's preferences (File > Preferences) and scroll down to and check "Use Custom Terminal Command" (below "Default Terminal" dropdown). Then, in the "Custom Terminal Command" field that appears above, enter:

wt -d %d

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wt is the command for Windows Terminal, to which we're passing the -d directory parameter. The value of %d is then swapped out by GitKraken for the directory of the current repository.

It's as simple as that!

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