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Discussion on: [On-Demand Talk] The Beauty of Being Stuck

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Jonathan Yeong Author • Edited on

Hahaha yay I'm glad it was relatable! Also, great question! Knowing when to take a break vs going down the wrong path comes with practice. The more you get stuck the better you get at getting unstuck.

Some indicators that have helped me in the past have been:

  • Try explaining a problem to someone else who doesn't have any context. This is like rubber ducking, but the added benefit of them asking you questions. If you're struggling to explain something that's an indication of where you should focus on. And it can help you figure out what level of stuck you're on.
  • Use a cue to reflect on your current mental state. A timer is popular, but you could use a visual cue (every time you see your dog yawn for example). What you're trying to achieve is figuring out where your attention is. If you can't really remember what you were doing or you're not making progress. Then that's a good indication for a break!

Hope these help!