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How I Plan to use coding as a tool to save my future

Now, we've all seen this meme that says "Will Code For Food", and thought it's just that, a joke. Little did you know that people literally do that in poor countries, and today I will talk about how I aim to code for food in order to survive.

According to Google, a frontend dev in the US earns about $105,344 per year, so about 8700$ per month pretaxed. wow that's good you'd say but here in Lebanon, it's over 2.9 million LBP per month. Jesus! you'd become a billionaire so essily! Now hold on a minute, at today's exchange rate, that's a bloody 96.6$ per month working 8 hours per day.

Horrible? I know. So why the hell would I spend years of my life learning to code you ask? Just like fresh college graduates are happy to settle with 120$ salary per month. Speaking of college, I had the choice of paying 5000$ per year (imagine if you earn 100$/m, that's 5 years of work) for a private University or public one where they shutdown for 3+ month every now and then because of poverty.

Now imagine your self in my shoes for a moment, you go to the gym to achieve your dream body, just to find out each time you buy meat or chicken it'll cost you 10% of your monthly salary. You get unmotivated and decide to watch a movie, hold on a second, you're in Lebanon, Haven't seen the government's electricity in 4 month. One might lose hope and complain but when does that ever work? It was a get up or give up moment, I decided to look for solutions.
Here I am, Working day and night on personal projects I know will get me where I want to be, Learning to code was the best decision I took as a 17 year old, and im certain it'll save me from starving like many in my country are.

Thank you for ready and if you are interested in any topic I wrote about leave a comment and let me know.

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