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How To Make The Most Out Of Online Coding Tutorials πŸ› 

Whether you're a developer in your learning stage or you're already working, you'll always have to keep gaining knowledge. If you don't keep track of the latest developments in the tech industry, you'll fall behind, and become invaluable. Skill-building is one of the most important aspects of a developer.
To learn new languages or frameworks, we generally watch a YouTube video or read a blog (like mine). Mindlessly following the instructor's advice and instructions isn't enough. More often than not, you'll get trapped in tutorial hell. Tutorial hell is a state that people enter into in which they're constantly "learning" from tutorials without ever building a real project, thus not making significant progress. If you don't want to enter tutorial hell, here are 3 tips that I found really useful to learn to code more efficiently.

  1. Prioritize projects Building projects will develop your portfolio and skills. Not the number of blogs you've read or videos you've watched. Of course, you can't build a project without having the necessary skills or knowledge. So first, jot down a project idea and the knowledge and skills you'll require to build it. Then, refer to tutorials to provide you with the knowledge that you require.

  2. Ask 'why?' You need to understand why the code works the way it is. You have to understand the essence of the topic. Every time you gain the necessary knowledge, delve deeper into it. Ask yourself 'Why does this work?'. Once you get the cause, find a reason for it too. Keep going until you simplify the concept so much that it holds a much greater value to you than just its name.

  3. Break down and remix projects Most tutorials will explain concepts by building a project. You should also code along with the tutorial. Once done, try to incorporate a bug into the project. If you've already used the 'why?' technique you should be able to make the project not work as well. Introducing at least 3-4 different bugs in your project will really help boost your understanding of the project. Remixing projects is another great way to cement the knowledge in your brain. Refactoring the code, changing the design pattern or simply incorporating more functionality will challenge you and help you obtain the most out of the tutorial.

Thanks for reading! Now that you know all about making the most out of tutorials, you should practise these hacks that makes you a better programmer

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Tatjana Hoesch

Agree, it can be challenging to built learning consistency and follow through until the end. You can also have a look at Codum - its an accountability platform for online learners to help built learning consistency with a like-minded peer.