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How To Deal With Burnout as a Software Developer

Leverage these tips to handle burnout and maintain productivity…

What Is Burnout?

Burnout occurs mainly as a result of exhaustion due to prolonged exposure to something. Ever reached a point where whatever you’re trying to do doesn’t make any sense to you? That exact point when the keyboard and the computer glare screen don’t make any sense? That exact moment when you feel like everything sucks and your code feels like garbage to you?

How To Deal With Burnout

We cannot avoid burnout from occurring altogether, but we can leverage some tips to deal with this unhealthy developer habit. When we do not implement healthy developer habits, we may be setting our productivity in jeopardy.

Find a hobby outside programming

A hobby is basically what drives your interest in a particular thing. Most programmers are always thrilled by the machine and the curiosity to learn new things around it. This is very fascinating until you find yourself feeling overwhelmed along the way.

It is considered a healthy habit to have a hobby outside programming and venture into doing some other things. This should not necessarily be something that gets you money, but it should at least help drive your concentration away from programming and break your normal cycle. It is also beneficial that it drives your focus toward other things and does not engage you in a single thought that may harbour the unhealthy habit.

Hobbies may range from games such as football, hockey, and rugby to other community-based programs. Engaging in a hobby outside programming may be a huge advantage, as it may introduce you to other people and allow you to acquire other skills in the process. To make it much easier, just find something that you enjoy doing and that mostly doesn’t involve being on a computer.

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