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What are the 5 things a new developer should know and practice ?

1. Courage

Keep in mind that even seniors don't know stuff and have awful opinions, so don't be afraid to speak up. Your opinion is not invalid because of your tenure, and never let anybody tell you otherwise. You will soon discover that developers have a very linear problem solving method...

2. Persistence

There is going to be a part of you that feels like an ignorant failure... And tell that part of you to shut up and keep going.

  1. Be Greedy Don't let the time/energy vampires rule your day. Don't fall victim to the "spend every waking hour learning the new hotness because your coworkers are losers and have no personal lives" thing. Even if this is a passion, it shouldn't rule your life.

4. Self Awareness

Be aware of what you're good at and what you're not. Be aware that even if you think that you'd like to do something you may actually suck at it. Be aware that regardless of your efforts you were still going to suck at certain things. Be aware that maximizing your strengths will pay iterations of dividends higher than trying to bring up your weaknesses to the same level.

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Life is too short to work for crappy people. Life is too short to work for idiots. Life is too short to work for a company that doesn't value your individual strengths and try to grow you personally and professionally.

Life is too short to be subjected to pointless meetings to plan other meetings. You only get one go around on this earth, so why in the hell would you not be insanely picky with the companies that you trade your time and effort for money? Why would you not be insanely picky with the team that you interact with daily?

Why would you not be insanely picky about the boss who has your professional future in their hands? Remember that this is an economic exchange, not slavery... So you need to be interviewing everybody from the rip and never stop until you depart that organization.

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