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Discussion on: [#CNC2022 "Code More" Cohort 1] Tell us about your coding work session!

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K C • Edited on

Hi all, I'm a bit behind posting this even though I have created schedule which I have so far followed okay.

1. Tell us about how your first work session for this mission went. What did you accomplish and learn?
For the first week I had four sets of tasks which I managed to complete.
Three were coding tasks for my portfolio site and one was a JS learning task.

Having short targets that I can aim for and complete makes it easier to get things done. I can see what I have accomplished and that gives me motivation to move onto the next one.

2. Share a screenshot or photo of your planning board/calendar/journal
I started using GitHub Projects for the first time to track/schedule task.
Screenshot of Task List

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Ana Vela

I've been meaning to use GitHub Projects for a while now. It's cool to see it in action. Best wishes, KC!