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Discussion on: #CNC2021 "Write More" Pre-Mission Submission Thread

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Khloe Brown

Hello, Hello 👋 I’m Khloe.

I started this challenge to help myself learn to write better for blogging and social media. I love the engagement this challenge gives me to keep coming back and explore different sources and media I wouldn’t do before. So far this project has me reading more technical works with purpose. Not only the purpose of understanding the subject but also how the author conveys that subject in their own style.

I found three articles for this “PRE-MISSION” project that I would love to share.

  • For the “tutorial” article I found the “How to Write More Effectively and Develop Your Unique Style” (article link) article written by Colby Fayock (portfolio link).
  • For the “explainer” article I found the “How to Become a Technical Writer” (article link) article written by Edidiong Asikpo (profile link).
  • For the “project” article I found the “How I Built My Blog” (article link) article written by Josh Comeau (portfolio link).