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Discover the Latest Update in Axie Infinity

Quicksave Interactive Introduces “Garden of Friends”

An interesting new chapter for the well-known Web3 game Axie Infinity: Raylights has been released by Quicksave Interactive. The most recent upgrade, dubbed "Garden of Friends," adds multiplayer capabilities and in-game revenue, elevating the gameplay experience.

Growing, Crafting, and Monetizing in the Garden of Friends

Players can let their imaginations run wild in the "Garden of Friends" chapter as they employ minerals to craft, cultivate, and find a variety of flora to adorn their land plot.

They gain access to more ingredients, strata, and a larger variety of plants with each step forward. The upgrade, however, adds fascinating revenue alternatives for players in addition to improving gameplay.

With the latest update, players may now use Sky Mavis' Ronin tokens to buy power-up gems, boosting their skills and providing them an advantage in the game.

Additionally, landowners in the virtual world of Axie Infinity: Raylights have the chance to profit from purchases made on their plots, generating a new source of income.

The advent of multiplayer gameplay is one of the most important changes to the game. Now that players can team up and develop a single plot jointly, collaboration and shared experiences are made possible.

This multiplayer element creates new opportunities for player engagement and participation, establishing a sense of community within the game.

Axie Infinity’s Outstanding Success

The entire Axie Infinity universe has already experienced enormous success, even though Axie Infinity: Raylights is currently in early access. According to Sky Mavis, the game has brought in over $1 billion in income, demonstrating the Axie Infinity ecosystem's enormous appeal and potential.

Axie Infinity Clone Script: Raylights keeps proving its dedication to innovation and engrossing gameplay as players go into the "Garden of Friends" chapter and discover the new monetization and multiplayer features.

Axie Infinity strengthens its position as a top Web3 gaming experience because of its expanding popularity and devoted community.

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