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Why do #100DaysOfCode?

If you are here, you probably would have heard about #100DaysOfCode. I am blessed if anyone gets to know about this through my article. Check here - #100DaysOfCode
In this article, I will try to tell the importance of this, my journey, and the benefits of this challenge.
I recently completed my 100 days and had started as a #Codenewbie.

Let's Get Started

Committing to code is as difficult as starting to code. And starting to Code without a commitment is even harder. This helical loop has only one break. That is to Commit from the start.

A commitment helps you to keep yourself on right track.

The commitment is very simple and easy.
"You commit to code daily and keep a track of the work done each day"

Stating the obvious, but still¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • The more you code the better you get at it.
  • Consistency is very important in anything one does.

Now, the question that arises is that...

Why track your days?

  • 🟩 Keeping a track of your days motivates you to maintain your streak.
  • 🎯 Even if you break your streak, you know your Personal Best and try to beat it.
  • 🔥 Main reason (for me), it is a constant reminder of the days you wasted.
  • 📅 When you need to take a break, you can see the last break you took.
  • This is for you and only you. (explanation later)

I guess these reasons should be enough to paint a picture before you. When this is said let us discuss the reason to call it #100DaysOfCode Challenge.
Will you be competing against someone? Will you be awarded for it?🎁
NO to all of the above.
You commit on a social platform to solidify your commitment(it sounds a lot like a relationship,😂).
Now, I know there is no need to go on Twitter for this. You can keep a commitment to yourself even without it. How do I know this?
Because even I started that way-
Alt Text(Sorry, for my handwriting and my native language is Hindi. So, you might not understand some things)

Why I committed on Twitter?

My Mentor and Best Friend had been doing #100DaysOfCode and advised me to Log My Days on Twitter. (Shout out to - Vivek).
I started to log my days on Twitter. I still did not commit to the challenge for like a month(My initial tweets).
Reason- First I was afraid (I was petrified🎶😂), that I was not up to it. But eventually, I committed to the challenge and started using "#100DaysOfCode" in my tweets.
Let me tell you...

Benefits of Twitter-

  • You can see all of your logs in one place😅(Jokes apart)
  • 🔥 Dev Communities of Twitter is so far the most Amazing you will ever notice.
  • 🤓Coding alone is Tough. But seeing and connecting with some people at the same level helps you realize that You are not alone
  • 🤝🏽You meet Amazing People in tech. These people Motivate and Inspire you to do Great things.
  • 💡 You get to know about Many Competitions and opportunities.
  • The Projects and work of others give you more ideas to build and make even cooler Projects.
  • Your Network is very important in today's existence and this will help you create one
  • People who have faced the same issues you are facing, help you out.

I can keep on going, but then again I guess it's no use in making up points just for the sake of it.

I will state some points I feel that needs to said before you start

  • There are NO Hiring Benefits included in this. No one will hire you only because you coded for 100 Days. This is like practicing before any match for a player. No player is appreciated for practicing and training, day and night. One is appreciated only for performing in the match (Bitter truth of Life).
  • This is for You and Only You. This journey has a lot of highs and lows. But the best thing is that no one out there is sitting to judge you on this basis. If I code tonight it's for me or if I sleep, no one is going to ask me anything tomorrow.

Now, this is going to be Long and a bit controversial, stay with me. Initially, coding for 1 hour will suffice your needs and is Good for a start. But according to me, after like 21 or 30 days(might vary for you) one gets habituated to code. There is no need to count days only because you coded for an hour. Now count those days which you feel are worth it. Because when you complete your 100Days, You will be having 100 days that you are actually proud of. Log each day (even the wasted ones) but count those days that you are proud of.

So, How to know which day was worth it?. If in the day you did something that forced you to get yourself out of your Comfort Zone. There is no point in solving the same kind of problem over and over again. It can be a day you learned something new, you revised your last assignment. Even if a day you were stuck at one question or just tried many and solved none are worth it.

Because at the end of the day you will have 100 days reminding you that you have faced a lot harder days and motivate you to face your next challenge of life.

Total brain-f&k right? Take a moment to unpretzel it...*


100DaysOfCode is the thing every #CodeNewbie MUST Start

My journey

I had a little working knowledge of C++ before starting the challenge. I mainly started this challenge while learning Web Development. It helped not only to learn it on time. It helped me to take part in amazing contests I got to know via Twitter. It helped me to meet amazing friends and take part in hackathons.
Thanks to 100daysofcodes for this.

Thanks, for reading my article. Let's connect -

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Mikayla L

Thank you for this article, I am definitely a #codenewbie and am starting out in Python, I think a challenge like this will really help me!