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JavaScript Trauma

JavaScript trauma is a thing. Trust me, it is. It is real. Really real.

One thing I've always loved about me is my strength and resilience. My never-give-up attitude It's one thing I'm thankful for. But it sounds contradictory when I say I've been on this learning-to-code journey for a long time. a really long time, I tell ya, and it is beginning to make me doubt myself and my willingness to continue with it.

Do not get me wrong; learning HTML and CSS came pretty easily. But I have honestly lost count of how many times I have asked myself if coding is really for me since I started learning JavaScript. I used to think I was the only one whose JavaScript coding was showing shege (hard to get), until I met a community of people like myself.

I have been learning it for a while now; I have completed my courses on JavaScript and read recommended books, but I have little to show for it. Honestly, I can't even build a project on my own, and it is frustrating when I can't implement what I have been learning. I feel so stuck. I don't know if I should repeat the video course on JavaScript so that I can understand it better. Especially the syntax. I do understand the concept, but I don't understand JavaScript syntax at all.

Does JavaScript have syntax? As in a stipulated formation that one can just keep using to code, it is easy to understand. It is difficult when this tutor starts this way and the next one starts another way on the same stuff. I mean, it will be easier for me to learn JavaScript if the syntax is easily understandable, as CSS syntax is.

This sounds like a complaint, and maybe it is, but trust me, it is coming from a place that has tried and needs to find ease. I need to start seeing myself reap the fruits of my invested time, energy, and money that I have generously put into learning this. I don't even want much; I just want Javascript to come easily, for me to feel confident and be able to implement what I have learned, to feel proud of myself, and to be able to build the mind-blowing project ideas I have in my head.

I talk to people about this, and they tell me to "keep going; it will come to you in time." Yeah, I am kind of sure it will, but for how long, and how much more do I have to invest? Surely not a lifetime. Not that I intend to give up, but can someone more experienced just point out to me how I can get this straight? I really want to. Tell me what I am not getting right, where I need to adjust, and how my mind is maybe comprehending it wrongly.

Then I see different tweets like β€œJavascript Roadmap, A Thread," and so many different pieces of advice on how to learn JS. Now the problem is that there is no one way to learn it. Just different people tweeting about how simple they think it is to learn. I know that it is not easy to learn the JavaScript language. Trust me, I do not expect it to be easy. But I still do not expect it to be so rigorous.

Please do not get discouraged by this little write-up of mine. I know it may come out a little too intense. I just feel like there are people like me who are also going through the Javascript trauma, and they too just want to scream out how frustrating it has been. This is me screaming as loud as I can. Now that it is out, I have to go back and keep pushing. No other choice.

I’m currently building projects with HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I'm also learning ReactJS and anything else I can get from people's tweets. I want to collaborate on junior developer projects and intern for someone or a company. I think I really need this to boost my confidence and learn about the everyday work life of a web developer.

I finished some challenges with Frontend Mentors. Please check them out here
Also here, is my Github page

I will keep updating these platforms with projects and challenges.


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