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Discussion on: [#CNC2022 "Start Coding" Cohort 1] What are your coding goals?

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**1. What are your coding goals?
**I want to start learning to code because I want to improve the programming skillset to change my career path - now I’m a freelance web developer, but I’m hoping to get hired by company as a frontend developer. I’m also planing to go to a college in Canada for 2 years to study web frontend skill from Sep 2022. It’s not fixed yet because I’m living in abroad and not really sure what is going to be happened in this year because of the pandemic. But my current plan is to learn programing skillset to get a job in the next 2 years.

**2. What does successful learning look like to you?
**My goal is to become a skillful frontend developer to get full time job at the company that I like to work for. I’m planning to start job hunting after I learn basic skills of frontend development (maybe 1-2 years later, after the college finished).

6 months (or plus 1-3 months): Learn basic of JS (I already know about some part of JS, but I feel it’s not good enough to step into the next process, so I will learn more). And also I want to learn a little bit of JS framework (REACT), other web frontend skills, etc.

12 months: Make some services which used JS and APIs, and make my portfolio website with them (Not really sure yet. But I’m planning to make something for job hunting).

**3. How do you plan to measure your success?
**I want to be able to make a web service from scratch with the new skills that I will learn through this challenge. I want to make 1-3 services in next 6 months and share with other people in Codenewbie, Github, etc.

**4. Do you have any particular timeline/deadline for learning to code?
**I’m planning to go to a college from Sep. 2022 so I want to learn at least the basic of frontend skills before the college start.