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Develop a React Video Chat App

This article will focus on building a custom video chat app by directly integrating pre-built audio and video features. We will use React as the programming language and MirrorFly SDKs for building the audio and video features.

I’ll walk you through,

Where to get MirrorFly License Key
Integrate the chat SDK into your Web Video Chat App
Connect the Chat Client to MirrorFly Server
Register a User
Send or Recieve Messages

Step 1: Get MirrorFly License Key
The first step in creating a web app is to download the MirrorFly License Key. To do this, follow the below steps as instructed.

Go to MirrorFly Console Page
Fill in your basic details on the registration page
Click on Sign up
Verify your account using your registered email
Once you create your account,

Login to your account
Go to the Overview section
Download the Javascript SDK
Next, go to the Application Info section
Copy the License key

**Video Chat SDK Integration into Web Apps
**To create a web chat app, you need to import Javascript into your app and then import the React SDK. Follow the below steps to perform the import.

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