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Journey of PDF Compression Tool for the Tech Community

Hey there! πŸ‘‹ I’m Kevin, a junior front-end developer diving headfirst into the tech universe! Check out my journey in building a super-slick PDF compression tool on GitHub and live at PDF Fit.

A Bright Idea Sparks a Mission

I realized we needed a way to shrink PDFs without losing quality. Challenge accepted! By identifying them by staged each type of losing quality, image damping, and others, I was determined to create a solution that could save developers, designers, and anyone battling bulky PDFs.

The Big Reveal

My journey was a rollercoaster of learning Python, tinkering with libraries like PyPDF2 and PIL, and mastering PDF wizardry. After countless hours of perfecting code and optimizing, with every bug squashed and line of code written, the tool grew stronger. Finally, the big moment arrived with the launch of PDF Fit! Proud moment alert!

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What's Next?

Add some new features

Wrapping it Up

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As I charge ahead, I’m all set to share this ride on LinkedIn and tackle new challenges.

Let’s rock this tech world together! πŸš€

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