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10 Programming Jokes I bet You will relate with

They say "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy",
So take some time and relax while you entertain yourself with this jokes.

It's only a developer who would understand what a fellow developer goes through. The same way it will only take a developer to get the developer jokes.

  1. The Task manager Chaos

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  2. Hello C Developers 👋

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  3. Finally a sitting posture for Python programmers 😂

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  4. The magic word that always works

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  5. 5MB back then vs 1TB now

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  6. Website and Cookies during Ramadhan 🤔

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  7. Which should you learn first ?

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  8. Once in, there is no turning back

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  9. Trying to understand loops

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  10. This is how I made it forks

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